Enterprise Nation confirmed as an Official Sponsor of Coffee Birmingham

We are delighted to confirm Enterprise Nation as an official sponsor of Coffee Birmingham.

Enterprise Nation helps people to start and grow their businesses by putting them in touch with other business owners – providing access to the best tools and resources, and by sharing their own knowledge online through their blog, guides and twitter chats online, their books and at live events.





Coffee Birmingham founder Tim Wilson is a big advocate of Enterprise Nation and how it supports small businesses. “What EN does completely complements Coffee Birmingham’s aim to build Birmingham’s independent business community and to give small independent businesses opportunities to showcase what they do.”

As San Sharma, Community Manager at Enterprise Nation says, “Enterprise Nation is supporting #SuperJelly and Coffee Birmingham as a fan of both coffee and coworking. EN actually started life in the West Midlands, and we hope to make new friends through this fun initiative.”

With the #Superjelly event in particular, the opportunity for individuals and businesses to chat, exchange ideas and work together is of particular excitement to EN. As San states, “Jelly is a great excuse for hardworking home-grown business owners to get out of the house and work with new people. We’re really happy to be involved.”

www.enterprisenation.com / tw. @e_nation / facebook here