Guest blog: Lee Thomas (Urban Roast Coffee) on working in a roastery


We are delighted to welcome Lee Thomas from local business Urban Roast Coffee who has written a insightful blog piece about what it is work in a roastery!


So have you ever thought about where your coffee comes from, that beautiful cup of black magic with a comforting aroma.

Well for a start when it arrives at our roastery it is a small green bean that smells of grass.

Our hessian sacks come from faraway places and distant shores which give us a great starting point.

Coffee is a bit like wine, different regions and altitudes produce different flavours and characteristics, the art of the roaster is to bring these together and produce a beautiful coffee that showcases the best of that bean.

Some coffee is known for its light floral notes others for its deep dark chocolate taste so depending on the individuals personal preference there is an abundance of coffee out there waiting to be discovered.

After we receive our green bean our job is to get the best out of it, and to do that we have to go through a process called profiling.

When we profile a coffee we will put multiple batches through the roaster at different settings – Hot and fast, low and slow, we manipulate the roasting process in order to get a wide variety of taste results from that coffee.

When we are roasting coffee we log a number of settings off the roaster. These settings all affect the taste of the coffee. These settings are things like Starting Temperature, the air temperature and environment temperature in the drum of the roaster and most important we log the temperature of the beans. All of these readings are taken every 30 seconds so we end up with an in depth graph of that roast.


Once we are happy with the roast we then move onto the cupping stage, which is a bit like wine tasting but with a lot less spitting. We usually taste (or cup) up to 6 different versions of the same coffee so we are happy we have covered as many different settings for that coffee as possible.

We move slowly through our roasted samples where we taste and score the coffee. We do this in order to find the best results and at what settings we obtained those results at.

We often end up with several samples that we like, so at this point we will look at the roasting profile settings and merge those together to end up with the perfect roasting profile for that coffee.

We will do this process for every coffee we supply as each coffee has its own unique flavour and it gives us a blueprint to roast to so we always producing the best coffee we can.

So now you have a basic knowledge of what we the coffee roasters do. We may be the people behind the scenes, but when you are sitting enjoying your great tasting coffee you can be safe in the knowledge that a whole lot of care and passion was put into that little green bean to make it taste the way it does.

More about Urban Roast Coffee Company

The Urban Roast Coffee Company is an Independent artisan coffee roastery based in the midlands.  Roasting in small quantities allows them to offer truly fresh roasted coffee direct to our customers doorstep. They roast on a daily basis so their coffee is always the freshest it can be when you receive it.

More info – web. and twitter @urban_roast.