Craft beer + independent coffee are becoming ever closer pals!


So, am I blogging about beer on a coffee blog? Yes I am. I  fortunate enough to receive a complimentary box from craft beer subscribers Beer 52 the other day. Beer and coffee drinking are both in something of a golden age at the moment. It’s also fair to say that both worlds are so fairly closely interlinked.

As a relative notice to the world of craft beer, I have been lapping up Beer52’s beer, thoroughly enjoying each bottle much like I do a new coffee.

Beer is often a big part of what a coffee shop offers these days.

First of all, recent research from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) highlighted the consumer demand for independent craft brewed beers to be sold in coffee shops. A fifth of people in the UK would visit coffee shops more often if they sold British craft beers.

Increasingly, our coffee shops are selling craft beer as part of their offer. ‘Beer Cafes’ (for want a better term) are cropping up across the UK which fuse the laid back look of continental coffee shops with British and international craft beer.

The excellent Tilt in Birmingham is a case in point with its varying menu of continental coffee mixed with a wide array international craft beer. See AA Abbot’s appreciation here.

Home subscription is on the up.

The marriage of craft beer and coffee extends to ‘home delivery’ subscription models too. I’m a huge fan of coffee subscription and sample various subscription models.

Well, relatively unbeknownst to me, there are a plethora of beer subscription models too and with a recently received box from Beer 52, I’m already a convert.


Talking to friends who know way more than I do about beer, they’re impressed with what Beer52 offer. Beer52 are a first port of call in the subscription model world. They deliver a box of ‘exclusive small batch beers’, free snacks and a copy of a magazine calling ‘Ferment’ every month.


They have opened up a new world of enjoyment alongside my home coffee brewing. Discovery and flavour comes in small bottles as well as bags of beans. Fortunate life, eh!


Everything is lovely and considered from the branded packaging to the added treats (a lovely Graze box). Did I mention the beers are great too.


Admittedly, I’m not a beer expert. What I know is in liking what I taste! I received their Danish Box and the range of beers are exceptional ranging from …



So yes, there are a lot of craft beer and cider subscription boxes out there to try but I’m ordering with Beer 52 again. All in all, they offer such excellent choice in a beer community all of its own.

So there you go, wonderful beers to your door, expertly packaged and selected.  So why not try for yourself and get an offer to boot?

When you visit, use the voucher code COFBRUM10 and that gets you £10 their first order when they sign up.

A huge thanks to Ben from Beer 52 for getting in touch and for his generosity.