In search of child friendly coffee shops in Brum.

We’re delighted to welcome Sinead Latham aka @cheekimummy to Coffee Brum. Sinead has been on a search for the most child friendly coffee shops in Brum and amongst the few she really likes, Boo Boo Coffee has struck a real chord with her. Here’s why…..


When I was on maternity leave I quickly discovered that some of my favourite places for a coffee just weren’t built for pushchairs and small people. I was quite worried I’d be destined to see out the next few months in chain store purgatory.


Fear not! Thanks to the wonderful independent Birmingham I discovered Boo Boo Coffee in Harborne (along with a few more). I had been saved.



Boo Boo is a family run business that do coffee and kids to perfection. Even in a small space they have set up a play corner where kids are encouraged to draw on the walls in chalk and play and build all within view of the parents.






Like I said it’s a small space so you can comfortably sit at your table and use the free wifi to keep up to date with the world while they play (or if needed to stop a MiniMeltdown; parent via YouTube).


I often treat the MiniMonkey to a milkshake or smoothie which are the perfect size for kids so he is having his treat without me having to share cake (which are plentiful to choose from).


Now. Coffee.



I’m fickle with my drinks so will switch between a latte to a v60 with all variations of milk and sugar (or none at all) depending on the day I’ve had. On my last visit I had a wonderful latte with a Guatemalan guest bean and it was everything I want from a Latin American coffee. Smooth, coca hints and perfect in a wonderfully creamy latte.




Food is a varied offering of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all made in house with fresh and local ingredients. I would usually pop some pictures in to show you but I may have been too busy eating before the MiniMonkey tried to steal my sandwich (next time I promise).



Please don’t think Boo Boo is just for parents and kids. The place is visited by a varied customer base and they hold evening events such as their Live Lounge and Boo-ritto where they have hard drinks and food on offer, so a great alternative night out.



Our city is full of wonderful gems like Boo Boo and I’m on a mission to find them all and shout as loud as I can about them.



We’re really keen to get to your thoughts on child friendly coffee shops. Drop us a line on twitter @coffeebrum and share your recommendations! 



Guest blog: The Boston Tea Party – Cracking Coffee in Harborne’s old Clock Tower


Once again, we’re delighted to welcome novelist A.A. Abbott to Coffee Birmingham. In her latest guest blog, she writes about a recent trip to the latest Boston Tea Party to open in Birmingham.


Harborne’s old Clock Tower has suddenly morphed into foodie destination School Yard – there’s a cookery school on the way, Urban Coffee is there already, and now the Boston Tea Party has arrived.

Much more than a coffee shop, the Boston Tea Party offers crisp croissants, brownies, craft beers and substantial meals as well as the usual hot beverages. Breakfasts, served all day and late into the night, included the West Country (true to the BTP’s roots – more on that later) and a vegetarian option that is everything you could wish for, without the bacon. There’s plenty of space: a large, canteen-like room, another area with padded booths, and an upstairs chamber that would be ideal for live performances. The BTP is open to suggestions, apparently.

So, the million dollar question: what’s the coffee like? My latte was smooth, with a definite caffeine hit. One of these and a BTP almond croissant, and you’re ready to start the day.

I’ve also tried the chai latte. Like most places, this is made by adding steamed milk to chai syrup. My Indian friend Shima, who boils tea, spices and milk in a pan, would doubtless pour scorn and derision on the BTP version – but I found it extremely palatable. Here’s a teatime tip, by the way: if your companion orders a cream tea, ask for one too, as it’s sheer torture watching a cream scone steadily disappear without so much as a crumb heading in your direction. They really are too good to share.

The BTP is an independently-run chain of 15 in the Midlands and West Country. Perhaps it’s reached a pinnacle to which all indies aspire? It started life as a single coffee shop in Bristol, where it’s still going strong, having seen Starbucks come and go across the road. The original Bristol branch is delightfully shabby, appearing to have been furnished from a house clearance store. Harborne has a much smarter vibe. Everything is shiny and new, although often made to look old in a kind of fusion of poshed-up American diner with industrial chic. It’s clearly working, because the BTP is buzzing. It appeals to everyone: students meeting for a chat, business folk networking over a latte (guilty as charged) and couples doing lunch.

Amazingly, the other coffee shops in Harborne always look busy as well. What else do people do in B17? Perhaps they drink all that coffee because they’re sobering up from all those pubs…



AA Abbott is a fiction writer and coffee drinker, who can be found on Twitter as @AAAbbottStories and online at




Pictures from Urban Coffee Company’s preview launch in Harborne

Urban has a new and lovely emporium which opened today in the newly redeveloped School Yard in Harborne. The decor and atmosphere feels warm and homely and I’m really digging the open bar vibe as well.

Here’s some pics from the soft-launch party last night. I urge you all to get over and check this place out. A fab job has been done by all concerned!

Let us know what you think of Urban’s new emporium in Harborne – tweet to @coffeebrum!!