Coffee Birmingham is recruiting – Volunteer Event Manager(s)

Coffee Birmingham is a new movement celebrating all things related to independent coffee and independent culture in Birmingham which culminated in the launch of the Declaration of Independents on Wednesday 4th July and the inaugural Coffee Birmingham event, to be held on Saturday 29th September 2012.

Coffee Birmingham is a celebration of local independents – coffee shops, food, produce, market traders, community, experience and fun.

We are looking for a Volunteer Event Manager to be part of this exciting movement and to drive future events and activities.

Job Description
Responsible for driving and ensuring the smooth running of events
Taking ownership on (and driving forward) creative ideas
Engaging with customers and businesses
Brainstorming creative ideas and providing input into marketing and events

Key Skills Required   
Good customer facing skills
Experience of working on live events
Interest in pursuing a career in marketing, events, hospitality or the coffee industry
Creative and quick thinking

Unpaid but pre-agreed expenses will be paid

Tuesday 31st July, but we are looking to get our volunteers recruited from now, so if you hang around it could
mean we have already appointed everyone we need.

Next steps
Please email your CV along with a paragraph or two on why this role is important to you and what you would offer/bring to tim@coffeebirmingham.co.uk.





Super #Jelly comes to Coffee Birmingham, Friday 10th August 2012

When Jelly and Coffee come together

In assocation with the official Birmingham #Jelly, we will be doing something a bit different next month.

What: Jelly is a regular monthly event for solo workers, freelancers and people who want to work out of the office for a day to come together to work and chat. Just bring your laptop, grab a coffee (and maybe a cake) and get to work in a lovely friendly atmosphere with like-minded people.

Why: Because the Coffee Shop is a great place work, especially when other people are co-working in the same place. Instead of the usual Jelly which takes place in one location …

… we will hold the Jelly at locations across the city.
… and because this is a SUPER #JELLY, we might throw in a few extra surprises too!

Who: freelancers, home workers, solopreneurs, small business owners, field workers, people escaping the office for the day – in fact, everyone is welcome to drop in co-work, collaborate and chat. Other than a laptop you can bring your notebook, craft or just yourself, it’s a great time to clear your diary and think of new ideas.

So on Friday 10th August 2012 from 9am, we will be at the following locations:

Urban Coffee Company, Jewellery Quarter
Café Ezra, Hotel LaTour
Six Eight Kafe, Temple Row

Feel free to come and put your laptop down then go grab a drink. Remember, you can come and go as you please! This is one of the benefits of Jelly.

Exclusive Offers for Jellyheads:
Cafe Ezra at Hotel LaTour: free first drink for Jellyheads.
Six Eight Kafe, Temple Row: coffee and cake for £4 for Jellyheads
Urban Coffee Company, Jewellery Quarter: details to come.

How: RSVP to Tim Wilson at tim@coffeebirmingham.co.uk (twitter: @coffeebrum) or Rickie Josen at write@rickiejosen.co.uk (twitter: @rickiewrites) to let us know you are coming (or you can show up on the day).

With thanks to official Birmingham Jelly organiser Rickie Josen for making this happen.

Hashtags: #jelly #indielove #superjelly #coffeebrum.




#Independentsday: What do Independents mean to you?

As part of the launch of the Declaration of Independents, we asked people what independents meant to them as part of a competition only in our coffee shop locations (Six Eight Kafe, Urban Coffee Company and Saint Caffe) on the day.

This is a selection of what people said:

  • “Preservation of local business and upholding local jobs and crafts. Genuine friendliness”
  • “#Real”
  • “Fresh cake. Good, independent ideas!”
  • “Independents mean originality, passion, a friendly atmosphere and most of all quality”
  • “Good coffee, different blends, friendly, homely and good cakes!”
  • “A delightful place to meet. A brilliant place to be.”
  • “Knowledge, understanding, passion and customer service that comes from enjoying what you do. Being treated like a person not just a customer.”
  • “It’s about standing on your own two feet, setting out your own rules and sticking to them, no matter what anybody says!”
  • “friends, food and excellent drinks.”
  • “Local businesses in which a focus is on quality and passion for the products which are being sold.”
  • “People who ask me how my holiday was….”
  • “Individual flavour and great taste – creative and originally – that others try to copy. Good company :)”
  • “Supporting independent shops and cafes means keeping the diversity of towns and cities alive. I love trying new independent places.”
  • “I want character, not homogenised Star-Costa-Nero’s. I want to know where my coffee comes from. I want to taste the coffee!”
  • “A much more personal, quality service”
  • “I don’t want the faux familiarity of my name on a cup. I want to chat to my barista Joe as his coffee wakes me up. Plus it Tootes Bangin!”
  • “Freedom of choice. Not being guided one way or another.”
  • “Quality. Relaxation. Good company.”
  • “…. Tasty, surprising and responsive. Places to be.”
  • “Good coffee, personal service, a small and not a  big corporate.”
  • “Freedom of choice and personal service with a smile.”
  • “#Braveheart”
  • “Choice and community for me, and profits staying local, too!”
  • “Freedom of choice and a more interesting and lively environment.”
  • “Variety, choice and freedom.”
  • “It is important to support your independents: they give the best customer service and always value you as an individual, which is a rare trait these days.”
  • “Local people being free to operate in a big city as freely as the industry giants.”
  • “The little man doing his thing and being supported by the community.”
  • “Staff who care.”
  • “Empowering people to make sound decisions as a consumer, providing meaningful environment.”
  • “It means that you owe no one anything. Look after yourself. Pay your own way.”
  • “I love independents because their smiles and happiness comses from a love of their products and great service rather than a staff training manual.”

This is a selection of the responses from those who signed up to the Declaration online:

  • “Quality coffee served by quality people. Friendship and a home away from home.”
  • “Good coffee in a non-identikit environment”
  • “Great service and quality that the chains can’t match.”
  • “Better quality and personal touches”
  • “Coffee as it should be!”
  • “Passion, knowledge, quality”

Thanks to those of you who contributed. Stay tuned as we announce the winner of our competition imminently.




Announcing Sponsorship Packages for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Aimed at freelancers and small businesses, Coffee Birmingham are now offering varying levels of sponsorship opportunities aimed to suit the requirements, and raise the profile, of your business.

For more information, please visit: http://www.coffeebirmingham.co.uk/sponsorship.

Picture: Cupcakes courtesy of our supporter Kiss Me Cupcakes




Announcing Saint Caffe as a supporter and another of our locations for #independentsday

So ahead of tomorrow’s launch, we are very happy to announce Saint Caffe as a supporter of Coffee Birmingham 2012 – who will be another of our locations for #independentsday tomorrow and where you can also sign the Declaration of Independents.
For anyone who lives and works in the vicinity of St. Paul’s Square, Saints is must-go location serving high-quality coffee from roasters Extract, alongside a quality selection of food and cakes, many of which are made in house.
Saints is an open and welcoming atmosphere with sophisticated dector, and it is a good place to get on with work or relax with a book.
Many thanks to Geoff and his team for being so enthusiastic and supportive of Coffee Birmingham.
For more information:
Follow them on twitter @saintcaffe
So our locations for #IndependentsDay are Six Eight Kafe, Saint Caffe and Urban Coffee.
…. And our final location for Wednesday’s launch will be announced later this evening.
Stay tuned for more info on our locations and times regarding #IndependentsDay (follow this hashtag) and remember to follow us on twitter @coffeebrum and “like us” on facebook for all the latest news and info. Hashtags: #coffeebrum #independentsday #tellyourfriends



Announcing Six Eight Kafe as supporter and one of the independent locations for Wednesday’s launch.

We are delighted to announce Six Eight Kafe not only as a supporter of Coffee Birmingham 2012 but as one of the locations for this Wednesday’s launch and where to sign the Declaration of Independents.

Situated on Temple Row in Birmingham City Centre, Six Eight Kafe is one of Brum’s foremost independent coffee locations. Delivering coffee produced on a Synesso machine and roasted by Staffordshire based roasters HasBean , the quality of coffee, food and cake reflect their mission “changing the way coffee is produced, presented, enjoyed and valued.”

Six Eight is also host to art exhibitions, numerous live events from dancing to yoga and from film nights to various workshops.

Many thanks to Dav, Hannah and all the team for the invaluable support on Coffee Birmingham.

Be sure to visit Six Eight Kafe next time you are in Coffee Birmingham. More info:

Follow them on twitter @sixeightkafe.

Another independent location for Wednesday and supporter to be announced later today.

Stay tuned for more info on our locations and times regarding #IndependentsDay (follow this hashtag) and remember to follow us on twitter @coffeebrum and “like us” on facebook for all the latest news and info.

Hashtags: #coffeebrum #independentsday #tellyourfriends




Announcing Urban Coffee Company as a Supporter and another of our locations for Wednesday’s launch.

Urban Coffee Company Birmingham
More brilliant news. We were delighted to announce Urban Coffee Company as a supporter of Coffee Birmingham 2012 and are going to be frequenting both their Church Street and Jewellery Quarter locations for this Wednesday’s launch and where also to sign the Declaration of Independents.
Urban (as it is affectionately known) will be celebrating their third birthday this August and have proudly flown the flag for Birmingham’s independent scene. Their three coffee emporiums (Church Street, Jewellery Quarter and their pod at the Mailbox) serve glorious coffee roasted by Union Coffee and delivered by their team of very friendly and talented Urbanistas.

At all their locations, Urban is also home to numerous events including live music Friday, book and knitting clubs, yoga clubs, Birmingham Entrepreneurs and the monthly #JellyBirmingham co-working meet up.
For more information:
Follow them on twitter @urbancoffeeco
So in addition to Six Eight Kafe, we will be at Urban’s Church Street and Jewellery Quarter emporiums on Wednesday. Come along and support.
…. And our final location for Wednesday’s launch will be announced later this evening.
Stay tuned for more info on our locations and times regarding #IndependentsDay (follow this hashtag) and remember to follow us on twitter @coffeebrum and “like us” on facebook for all the latest news and info. Hashtags: #coffeebrum #independentsday #tellyourfriends




Call for Volunteers – Coffee Birmingham Launch, 4th July 2012

Call for Volunteers – Coffee Birmingham Launch, 4th July 2012

Passionate for independents, coffee, quality produce and being involved in fabulous events?

On the 4th July, Coffee Birmingham is being launched along with its Declaration of Independents at venues across the city centre.Coffee Birmingham is a movement raising the profile of Birmingham’s independent coffee houses and indie culture in general, culminating in the inaugural Coffee Birmingham event in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 29th September 2012.

Coffee Birmingham aims to distinguish and unite Birmingham’s indie scene, putting them in the public eye to showcase their excellence and quality, and bring people together from all backgrounds and neighbourhoods – including those who ordinarily haven’t had the chance to enjoy Birmingham’s independent scene.

Volunteers get the opportunity to co-ordinate the launch of the Declaration at a designated coffee shop, liaise with the public and Coffee Shop baristas and build momentum for this exciting campaign. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a fun and hands-on launch, helping to develop event management skills and customer service skills, and act as a public face for Coffee Birmingham in some of the UK’s finest independent coffee shops for a day.

Some volunteers will be invited to be part of the event management team for Coffee Birmingham.

Volunteers are asked to be on hand all day from morning take away until close time on Wednesday 4th July 2012.

This is a fantastic opportunity. Please email tim@coffeebirmingham.co.uk with a few lines on what relevant experience you have, what you want to gain from the opportunity, and your availability for the 4th.

twitter. @coffeebrum; hashtags. #coffeebrum #tellyourfriends #independentsday