Guest blog: A.A. Abbott in appreciation of Ashton Levi Coffee (Longbridge)

How many of you have been to Ashton Levi, a new indie which has been open for a few months now over in Longbridge? Well, I am delighted to welcome A.A. Abbott, author of Brum thrillers After The Interview and Up in Smoke, who made the trip over and tells us about her experience! Enjoy! (Tim)
I visited Ashton Levi on hearing about their support for local writers. They’re offering a night of live readings from authors on 9th July!
Ashton Levi Quote

The coffee itself was rich and smooth, and my latte arrived with a heart on top – a lovely personal touch. My friend enjoyed an iced latte that was long, cool and very welcome during an uncharacteristically warm day in Birmingham. They sell a tempting range of cakes, freshly prepared sandwiches and smoothies, too. Yet perhaps the most refreshing thing about the coffee at Ashton Levi is the genuine passion and knowledge owner Mel Brown and her team bring to it. Not only did we receive a warm, smiley welcome when we arrived, but Mel chatted to us about where she sourced her coffee, and her desire to provide a drink that was both delicious and ethical.


The venue itself is effortlessly upmarket and upbeat, with stunning artwork on the walls and books for customers to read. The creative vibe is reflected in the young and trendy clientele. It’s not hard to imagine Ashton Levi hosting a few live poetry readings or live music, but at the same time I think it would work well for an informal business meeting or an after-hours corporate party or networking event.


With so much style and potential, this upmarket venue for the new heart of Longbridge deserves to succeed. I’ve twice made a detour to go there and have enjoyed every minute.


I have to share AA Abbott’s enthusiasm for Ashton Levi. The quality of service from the staff to the Steelite cups and saucers are all evidence for me.

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