In search of child friendly coffee shops in Brum.

We’re delighted to welcome Sinead Latham aka @cheekimummy to Coffee Brum. Sinead has been on a search for the most child friendly coffee shops in Brum and amongst the few she really likes, Boo Boo Coffee has struck a real chord with her. Here’s why…..


When I was on maternity leave I quickly discovered that some of my favourite places for a coffee just weren’t built for pushchairs and small people. I was quite worried I’d be destined to see out the next few months in chain store purgatory.


Fear not! Thanks to the wonderful independent Birmingham I discovered Boo Boo Coffee in Harborne (along with a few more). I had been saved.



Boo Boo is a family run business that do coffee and kids to perfection. Even in a small space they have set up a play corner where kids are encouraged to draw on the walls in chalk and play and build all within view of the parents.






Like I said it’s a small space so you can comfortably sit at your table and use the free wifi to keep up to date with the world while they play (or if needed to stop a MiniMeltdown; parent via YouTube).


I often treat the MiniMonkey to a milkshake or smoothie which are the perfect size for kids so he is having his treat without me having to share cake (which are plentiful to choose from).


Now. Coffee.



I’m fickle with my drinks so will switch between a latte to a v60 with all variations of milk and sugar (or none at all) depending on the day I’ve had. On my last visit I had a wonderful latte with a Guatemalan guest bean and it was everything I want from a Latin American coffee. Smooth, coca hints and perfect in a wonderfully creamy latte.




Food is a varied offering of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all made in house with fresh and local ingredients. I would usually pop some pictures in to show you but I may have been too busy eating before the MiniMonkey tried to steal my sandwich (next time I promise).



Please don’t think Boo Boo is just for parents and kids. The place is visited by a varied customer base and they hold evening events such as their Live Lounge and Boo-ritto where they have hard drinks and food on offer, so a great alternative night out.



Our city is full of wonderful gems like Boo Boo and I’m on a mission to find them all and shout as loud as I can about them.



We’re really keen to get to your thoughts on child friendly coffee shops. Drop us a line on twitter @coffeebrum and share your recommendations! 



It’s the Olympics! All about coffee and sports performance



Whilst the Olympic Games in Rio are filling our screens with such exciting spectacle, why not fill your cups with glorious coffee? After all, and as we all know, coffee has many health benefits!

In this guest blog, we are delighted to welcome Matthews McGarry to talk about the numerous benefits that coffee can have on your sporting performance.



Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages on the globe, infused in the lifestyle of the majority of our adult population. And if you think that love is not enough, we have some good news for you. Both reputable scientists and prime sportsmen have spoken their mind and become strong advocates of coffee.


They are keen on consuming this potent drink, taking advantage of the health, performance and mental benefits it offers.


A familiar smell in the air


Our days would just not feel the same without the smell of hot morning coffee filling the air. It clears the cobwebs from our mind and supplies us with fuel to rise and shine. This is not a placebo effect, but the stimulating outcome of caffeine on the nervous system. Although coffee beans are just one of the sources of this substance, the bulk of its intake is the result of drinking coffee. What takes place in your body is the awakening of your adrenal glands, which leads to an increased release of adrenaline.



Furthermore, this brings about other shifts in more bodily processes. Heart-rate is boosted, muscles tighten up, and glucose enters the bloodstream. This does miracles for determination and the ability to nail workout sessions and start bouncing off the gym walls. Those who are don’t feel like going out and getting active might be persuaded to do otherwise. Namely, caffeine spurs the production of dopamine, the ultimate feel-good hormone.


With a bang


It is no wonder that coffee keeps you going through the day, even in situations where you would rather throw in the towel. This is the beatitude for athletes, who also take advantage of powerful sources of instant energy such as a double espresso. So, they are no strangers to going to the cafe before their gym exercise. Even better, evidence suggests that coffee has a direct influence on athletic performance by upgrading endurance.



This can be of great help during moderate-intensity physical activity, and low-frequency, repetitive workouts. There is no proof that caffeine induces a stronger muscle force, but studies have confirmed that the benefits can be reaped in many other disciplines. Elite distance runners and distance swimmers, for example, have reportedly experienced better results. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that the International Olympic Committee has issued a ban to disqualify participants who consume too much coffee.


We are the champions


Coffee might be the magic potion, but it should not be consumed in unlimited amounts. It is not without risks: higher levels of dopamine may induce a caffeine addiction, while the diuretic nature of caffeine may cause dehydration. Prolonged usage also means that the body needs ever more dosages for the maintenance of positive effects. Those who use supplements like creatine must be careful with coffee, as it could counteract the effects. Moreover, one should avoid added sugars and other substances that are doing the body no favors.



It becomes obvious that building healthy habits is a cornerstone of athletic and fitness performance. This is to say that apart from coffee, one must set up a proper nutritional plan, fit rest and relaxation into the schedule, and obtain the right sports equipment. Therefore, pay close attention to sleep patterns and the time you drink coffee at. As for apparel, one can find a wide assortment of bodybuilding clothing via online retails or local stores. As you have everything you need at your fingertips, there is no excuse to forgo healthy lifestyle with coffee as its champion.


Sip on coffee


Ingested in moderation, coffee is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and many studies have documented the blessings that can be bestowed upon anyone seeking to step up their athletic game.



The caffeine buzz makes you ready to face the day and overcome any challenges it throws at you. Thus, its psychological and physiological benefits are favourite tools for many athletes, and they come on top of performance-enhancing effects. Do not hesitate to take a sip before you break a sweat, and visit a cafe as a part of your pre-workout warm-up.


Let us know what do you think and what insights you’d like to share on twitter @coffeebrum and @mathews_mcgarry.



Craft beer + independent coffee are becoming ever closer pals!


So, am I blogging about beer on a coffee blog? Yes I am. I  fortunate enough to receive a complimentary box from craft beer subscribers Beer 52 the other day. Beer and coffee drinking are both in something of a golden age at the moment. It’s also fair to say that both worlds are so fairly closely interlinked.

As a relative notice to the world of craft beer, I have been lapping up Beer52’s beer, thoroughly enjoying each bottle much like I do a new coffee.

Beer is often a big part of what a coffee shop offers these days.

First of all, recent research from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) highlighted the consumer demand for independent craft brewed beers to be sold in coffee shops. A fifth of people in the UK would visit coffee shops more often if they sold British craft beers.

Increasingly, our coffee shops are selling craft beer as part of their offer. ‘Beer Cafes’ (for want a better term) are cropping up across the UK which fuse the laid back look of continental coffee shops with British and international craft beer.

The excellent Tilt in Birmingham is a case in point with its varying menu of continental coffee mixed with a wide array international craft beer. See AA Abbot’s appreciation here.

Home subscription is on the up.

The marriage of craft beer and coffee extends to ‘home delivery’ subscription models too. I’m a huge fan of coffee subscription and sample various subscription models.

Well, relatively unbeknownst to me, there are a plethora of beer subscription models too and with a recently received box from Beer 52, I’m already a convert.


Talking to friends who know way more than I do about beer, they’re impressed with what Beer52 offer. Beer52 are a first port of call in the subscription model world. They deliver a box of ‘exclusive small batch beers’, free snacks and a copy of a magazine calling ‘Ferment’ every month.


They have opened up a new world of enjoyment alongside my home coffee brewing. Discovery and flavour comes in small bottles as well as bags of beans. Fortunate life, eh!


Everything is lovely and considered from the branded packaging to the added treats (a lovely Graze box). Did I mention the beers are great too.


Admittedly, I’m not a beer expert. What I know is in liking what I taste! I received their Danish Box and the range of beers are exceptional ranging from …



So yes, there are a lot of craft beer and cider subscription boxes out there to try but I’m ordering with Beer 52 again. All in all, they offer such excellent choice in a beer community all of its own.

So there you go, wonderful beers to your door, expertly packaged and selected.  So why not try for yourself and get an offer to boot?

When you visit, use the voucher code COFBRUM10 and that gets you £10 their first order when they sign up.

A huge thanks to Ben from Beer 52 for getting in touch and for his generosity.




Author AA Abbott takes a visit to Tilt.

AA Abbott is a British crime thriller writer and loves her coffee! Returning to guest blog for Coffee Birmingham, she pays a visit to Tilt and laps up its many treats.


Tilt is located in the beautiful, but under-loved, City Arcade off Union Street. It describes itself as a craft beer café and coffee shop, but it’s with pinball that it really scores. With a row of glowing, buzzing beasts by the door and more in the basement, it’s a great place to hang out with friends the old-fashioned way. There’s the obligatory free wi-fi to bring life back to the digital age, especially handy for freelance workers with their laptops.


Beer is served from midday until late. The current selection includes Belgian-style wheat beer and Wiper & True’s Milkshake Milk Stout, the ale that thinks it’s vanilla ice cream. It’s a good introduction to beery pleasure for those who don’t think they’ll like it – the closest craft beer gets to an alcopop.


But what of the coffee? There’s filter and espresso on offer, with bags of coffee to take away so you can replicate the taste at home. (Hint: in my experience, like holiday wine or a hairdresser’s creation, it’s never the same.) I had an unctuously creamy latte with a hint of bitterness: delicious, and ten times better than anything the international coffee shop chains could produce, but like the milk stout, it wouldn’t frighten the horses.


Tilt also serves tea, hot chocolate and a selection of home-made cakes. My carrot cake, spruced up with walnuts and buttery frosting, was the best I’ve ever had. Even better, the slice was so huge that it substituted for breakfast.


First thing in the morning, Tilt was quiet, hosting a few freelances and shoppers stopping for a coffee. It was easy to hear the background soundtrack of punchy eighties anthems. At noon, chat levels rose. The café was significantly busier as the lunchtime crowd drifted in to play pinball. I imagine the joint is jumping in the evening too. It deserves to be.


The café is simply decorated – perhaps too simply – but other than that, Tilt does the basics very well indeed. It offers carefully chosen coffee, cake and beer served without fuss, a chance to chill alone or with friends, and a side order of pinball. What more do you need?


Tilt website:
Tilt Twitter:
Tilt Facebook:
AA Abbott website:
AA Abbott Twitter:
AA Abbott Facebook:




Guest Blog – Robert Turp introduces a simple guide to Q Grading


Q grading is a common term in the coffee industry but do we actually know what it means? Robert Turp explains more.

The coffee industry is booming in North America and Europe and the Q grading system appears to be embedded in this strong growth.


A brief history

The Q Coffee System was developed in the early 2000s as a program designed to improve the quality of coffee worldwide, by creating a common language for coffee quality evaluation and an independent certifying body for high quality coffee samples. Though originally focused on Arabica coffee, the program recently expanded to include Fine Robusta coffee (R Coffee) in what promises to have an even greater impact on coffee quality worldwide.


Obviously quality can be argued to be very subjective, however, Q grading tries to score coffees based on clear attributes. This helps provide a universal understanding of why coffees taste a certain way.

The Q-Grader program is designed to give a common language to describe quality in coffee and is used from the farmer to the consumer. This universal system means that it is easier to compare and grade coffee. This helps everyone from farmers to consumers in understanding the coffee industry better, which in turn helps raise standards.  


What this means for coffee

Q grading has created the ability for people all around the world to judge and score coffees on the same attributes, helping to compare every coffee effectively.

The coffees are based on attributes such as acidity, body, flavour, aftertaste, uniformity, balance, sweetness to name but a few. This helps to ensure all participants are identifying flavour characteristics in the same way. Reviewing the coffee happens independently so external factors like reputation of the farm or roaster can’t influence decisions.


How it works

For a detailed review of how coffee roasters use the Q grade system, check out Holly’s amazing blog post about it at North Star Roasters.

The Q grading system focuses on the following aspects:

  • Olfactory Skills –This element is focused on identifying different scents and understanding how these add to the flavour of coffee. This involves correctly identifying each scent and matching it to its pair. Example scents include; maple, cooked beef, tea rose, butter, garden peas, and pipe tobacco.
  • Cupping Skills – There are 4 tests in this section which are split by region and then process: Milds, Africans, Asias and Naturals. To pass all of the tests, you must Q grade 6 different coffees for each section and give them a score which is backed up by your individual attribute scores. The overall score must also be in line with everyone else assessing the coffees and you must correctly fill out the SCAA cupping form for each coffee.
  • Sensory Skills – This element focuses on the participant’s ability to identify varying intensities of different tastes; salt, sweet and sour.
  • Triangulations – Again these tests are split into 4 sections by region and then process – Milds, Africans, Asias and Naturals. In each test, you are presented with 6 sets of 3 cups. 2 of the 3 cups will be the same coffee, the aim is to identify the odd one out.
  • Organic Acids Matching Pairs – This element makes participants identify which coffee has had an acid added to it, and also put a name to that acid. This involves being able to make a decision and back it up with evidence.
  • Sample Roast Identification – This helps demonstrate what the perfect roast should taste like, and identifying coffees that are under-roasted or over-roasted.

It’s an important movement in the coffee industry as it helps to determine quality and value. This will help drive the industry and offer smaller farmers and independent roasters more power. Retailers and even baristas are seeing the value in getting certified. It makes communication between different parts of the supply chain more effective, which is turn helps create an even tastier coffee for our morning brew!

Robert Turp is a keen coffee enthusiast and writer. Working alongside coffee farmers during traveling inspired his love for coffee. He’s now never too far from a latte! Robert can currently be found writing about coffee news and updates, alongside Holly and Krag on North Star Roast.




Seven Damn Good Reasons to Drink a Cup of Coffee

It’s #ukcoffeeweek! As such, it’s a great time to advocate the benefits of coffee. So, what glorious timing that Ran from Doppio Coffee got in touch to guest blog for Coffee Birmingham, introducing seven great reasons why drinking coffee is good for you.
Other than being incredibly satisfying, drinking a hot cup of java brings several benefits to our health and wellbeing.  In this post I look at the benefits of drinking coffee in more detail, and highlight why it is always a good idea keep drinking the black liquid.
1. Coffee is Brain Food
Caffeine, the psychoactive stimulant found in coffee makes you feel more awake.  Moreover, it blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain.  When this happens a chain reaction occurs which leads to other neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine increasing.  In turn this causes brain neurons to fire, enhancing brain functions.
This is why coffee has been shown to improve your memory, mood, and reaction times, in addition to your energy levels.
2. Weight Loss
Research into caffeine’s ability to burn fat has shown positive results.  Studies suggest that 10% of fat is burned by obese people, while non obese people can say goodbye to around 29% of their body fat simply by drinking coffee.
In addition, other studies have shown that your metabolic rate is boosted between 3-11%, which is another fat blaster.  The studies do show however, that as we grow more tolerant to caffeine the fat burning affect is lessened.  Nonetheless, if you ever need an excuse for a hot coffee, it is hard to think of a better one.
3. Strengthen the Mind
Studies have shown that drinking coffee can fight depression.  A Harvard Study showed that four cups per day lessened the risk of depression by 20%.  While over half were less likely to commit suicide.
Although the range is quite vast (32-60%) the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease is less among coffee drinkers.  This appears to be entirely down to caffeine as the risk of Parkinson’s is unaffected in decaf only drinkers.
And it’s not just Parkinson’s disease.  Studies suggest that you are 65% less likely to contract Alzheimer disease through drinking coffee.
4. Nutrients in Coffee
Coffee contains essential nutrients.  Through regular consumption, you are contributing to your recommended daily amount (RDA) of certain types of nutrients.  Take a look:
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA.
  • Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA.
5. Enhances Physical Performance
Caffeine not only makes your mind sharper, it also enhances your physical performance.  Studies suggest that performance levels improve by 11-12% on average.  This is partly because caffeine releases Epinephrine (Adrenaline) into your blood.  In turn this provides performance energy.
6. Antioxidants
Given that most people do not eat as much fruit and vegetable as they should do, coffee for most people provides the strongest source of antioxidants.  This is important as antioxidants remove damaging oxidising agents from food.
7. Reduced Risk of Liver Cancer
Studies suggest that coffee reduces the chances of contracting both liver and colorectal cancer.  This is very good news considering that these two cancers are the third and fourth most deadly in the world.
In addition to kicking cancer into touch, coffee drinks may have a lower chance of contracting type II diabetes.  Studies vary but you could have 25-50% less risk of contracting type 2 diabetes simply by drinking java.
Time for a cup of Coffee?
If you regularly drink caffeinated coffee, not only will you feel good, you will be protecting yourself from all sorts of illnesses and diseases that are affecting more of us each day.  You will also be burning fat and improving your mind.
So with this in mind, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy every last sip.
About our guest blogger.
Ran works for Doppio Coffee, a coffee wholesale company that aims to build a bridge between roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and independent coffee shops. Doppio believes in providing a variety of coffee to suite all tastes and budgets, offering 6 brands and 13 blends.
Why do you like drinking coffee and what are the benefits to you? Join the conversation on twitter @coffeebrum // #ukcoffeeweek.






Java Lounge celebrates 10 years. CEO Akram talks to Coffee Birmingham.


Believe it or not, Moseley’s Java Lounge celebrates 10 years in business this month culminating in a celebration at Java Lounge on Saturday 28th February.

Java’s CEO Akram Almulad talks to Coffee Birmingham about the journey to date.

So, how did Java Lounge start?
Java Lounge was started with a small budget but with a big vision. Our humble beginnings started on King Edward Road in Moseley before moving to bigger premises five years later on the Alcester road where we trade from today. We had limited resources but always made coffee our focus. This has always been at the centre of everything. We built up a small but loyal group of customers who have followed us on this journey and have helped Java Lounge become what it is today.

We started off with a small single group coffee machine and basic grinders, where we developed our barista skills. Our mission statement has always been to deliver ‘your perfect coffee moment, every time’. We continued in this pursuit of delivering the perfect cup of coffee. This took us to many barista courses and seminars, learning about coffee from its beginning to the point it reaches the customer. We upgraded all our coffee equipment several years ago in order to help us reach the necessary level of quality and consistency. We now have a La spaziale S40 and have On demand grinders to help us achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

What about your passion for coffee?
We are passionate for coffee. This stems from our rich heritage coming from our country of origin, Yemen. Widely accepted as the birthplace of the first coffee plant purposely grown for consumption, Yemen was one of the first hubs of coffee culture, attracting philosophers, writers, artists, architects and poets to form a social and creative center of knowledge. Java Lounge aspires to encapsulate the essence of this tradition.

We linked up with an independent coffee roaster who shared our passion and had the expertise of roasting for almost 30 years. We have worked closely together for the past five years, maintaining the standard and quality of our coffee. Where we differ to many other coffee houses is that we personally have a hands on approach with roasting our coffee. We understand that coffee is a natural product that changes from batch to batch. We therefore work on a taste profile whereby we tweak our coffee constantly to achieve our unique flavours for our two house blends.

Tell us about some of your achievements
We have competed in the UK barista championships in the last 2 years where our Head Barista Omar Al-Sabahi fared really well and had a lot of good feedback from the judges.

We have become a niche supplier of quality coffee in the last couple of years where we supply exotic coffees, in particularly Yemeni Mocha Ismaili coffee, which is obtained directly from our shared coffee fields in Yemen.

We have continued re-investing in the business over the last 10 years. We opened our basement area in 2011, and carried out a major refurbishment at the end of 2013. Within the refurbishment we put together the Java Lounge coffee story, which was designed as a large mural explaining and educating customers about the coffee they are drinking.

It has been an emotional roller coaster, but it has definitely been worth it.


What have you seen change around you in Moseley and Birmingham?
We recall a time when we first started when people were coming in asking for instant coffee, we have come a long way from that now. We have seen an influx in brilliant independent businesses particularly in independent coffee houses with a really good standard of coffee. As a city, Birmingham has embraced coffee culture and I believe we have some of the best coffee houses in the country.

In Moseley the same has happened, it has developed into a coffee hub. We feel proud to have played a key part in this.

What the future holds for Java Lounge?
We are currently in the process of opening our second store on the Colmore Row in Birmingham City Centre.  We have launched our own brand of coffee packs selling our 2 popular house blends and also selling our exotic Yemeni Mocha coffee.

Details of the celebration on the 28/02/15? / Any deals or offers to commemorate the anniversary?
We are preparing to celebrate our 10 year anniversary on Saturday 28th February 2015 between 9am – 9pm. We will be giving out cake and finger foods including coffee samples of our single origin coffee for all to enjoy. We will also be selling some 10 year anniversary mugs to commemorate the occasion.

Coffee Birmingham congratulates Java Lounge on getting to ten years. Here’s to the next ten years! For more information on Java Lounge us on our website:




Six Eight Kafe opens its new branch

Six Eight Kafe opens its new branch

I bring brilliant news as Six Eight Kafe finally opens its much anticipated second branch at Millennium Point!

It all kicks off with a launch party this evening. As I now do regular work over in Eastside, this is most definitely going to become a new regular Eastside destination for me from here on in.

six eight kafe

I cannot wait to see what treats are on the menu beyond just the coffee shop itselfs. Congratulations to all the team at Six Eight Kafe on the launch and a big thanks to Dev for allowing me to publish these brilliant preview pictures of the fantastic looking new coffee shop.




Guest blog: What does your favourite cup of Joe say about you?


I’m delighted to welcome coffee lover Nikki Radvanyi to Coffee Birmingham, who asks “what does your favourite cup of Joe say about you?”. Let’s find out shall we!


The UK has gone coffee-ga-ga!  According to Real Coffee’s coffee encyclopaedia, we spent £730 million on coffee last year! Coffee is now seen as an affordable essential rather than an unnecessary luxury and we are prepared to pay the best part of £5 for a good cup of Joe.  But what does your choice of coffee say about you?  A recent study revealed the choice of coffee you order from the barista may say more about you than you think it does*.

joeThe Americano
You are old school, a bit of a purist and like things simple.  You can be quiet and sometimes moody.  You don’t like change and your friends and family would describe you as a ‘no non-sense’ kind of person. Nothing wrong with traditional and simple, right?

joeDecaf, half-fat, soya, no foam
You admit to being obsessive about what you eat and drink and probably get quite upset if the coffee shop does not have the ingredients you prefer.  You are a perfectionist and very aware of your own health.  You can be over-sensitive, especially when the queue is tutting behind you and are likely to worry, but hey, if it worked for Meg Ryan in You Got Mail!!!!!

You are a comfort seeker and love the feeling that lots of milk and cream give you; a hug in a mug! You like to soften the bitterness of life and often chose drinks and food that make you feel better.  You are generous with your time and like to help others, but sometimes at the expense of yourself. “Hey, add a dollop of cream and don’t forget the sprinkles!”

You are a trendsetter.  You love to try the latest thing.  You are spontaneous, imaginative, however, you can be reckless and you don’t always make healthy choices.  You love the feeling of brain freeze that a Frappuccino gives you! Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold!

joeInstant coffee
You tend to procrastinate because you are so laid back. You are happy to take life as it comes and are not keen on planning. Chill!

joeMocha with a shot of hazelnut syrup (anything sweet)
You are an overgrown kid, young at heart, with taste buds & sensibilities of a child. You love the sentimentality attached to hot sweet drinks and can’t wait for the seasonal  variations like gingerbread and crème brulee to appear on the café menu!

Don’t take this toooooooo seriously.  As Dr Durvasula adds, “we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are by our astrological signs”.  Enjoy what you drink, try a variety – I know I do – just make it good quality coffee.  It makes all the difference!

*Source: Dr. Ramani Durvasula recently conducted an observational study of 1,000 coffee drinkers


About Nikki
Nikki Radvanyi set up Nikki Radvanyi Business and Marketing Support in September 2014. Apart from being a real coffee lover, mocha is her favourite, Nikki supports businesses in the West Midlands by providing a bespoke P.A, V.A and marketing support service.  Nikki says, “I love what I do.  I am very lucky to work with some great businesses, from micro businesses and former CEOs to companies in the FTSE 250, most of whom realise they can’t do everything themselves and need to delegate to an experienced P.A and marketer, who will concentrate on the areas they no longer have time for or lack the expertise in”.

Nikki Radvanyi – web. ; twitter. @NikkiRadvanyi.




Tis the season to be caffeinated … coffee-related Christmas gifts.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the season to be caffeinated … and I thought I’d a round-up of coffee gifts that I have on my Christmas list this year along with a few additional suggestions.
Here’s a selection of those things that us coffee addicts will most definitely love.

1. Books

The World Atlas of Coffee is the new book from Square Mile s James Hoffman. It is described as the “ultimate guide to coffee contains comprehensive details on the beans and brews of more than 35 countries.” I want my own copy.


2. Coffee subscriptions

There are many brilliant subscriptions and it’s a great Christmas gift. Take your pick. From Pact (their coffee for a £1 here) to the fantastic Hasbean to Blankbox Coffee to Kopi (try a free bag!) to 8point9 to Origin to Aromaah and so on etc etc.


3. Home brewing

I already have an Aeropress, a Hario DripPot and a Rok Espresso machine amongst other things at home, and all of those would alone make fantastic presents. I’d love a Kalita Wave too and check out this Cores Brewer Mug for an all-in-one brewing experience and cup combined.

To get a head start, check out these three great bundles from Coffee Hit – an Aeropress Brew Bundle, a v60 bundle and a clever brewing bundle – all great Christmas gifts.

Check out classic hand grinder such as the Porlex Mini Ceramic Burr Grinder or the Rhino Hand Grinder would both be brilliant.


4. Cups

So there are KeepCups including the funky glass made KeepCup Brew  and these are the standard industry bearer in different sizes and a myriad of colours (several million sold worldwide).

By the way, I love this device (thanks to @paul4july on twitter for the spot) which aims to give cyclists the ultimate portability.


5. Hot Chocolate

For those of you seeking a festive alternative to coffee, look no further than Kokoa Collection who produce amazing single-estate hot chocolate. They currently supply Saint Kitchen and I heartily recommend their products. Available to buy through various stockists including Ocado.


… finally, be sure to visit our local indies to see what great gifts are on sale too!

So, with all the above in mind, what coffee gifts do you want Santa to deliver for you?