In search of child friendly coffee shops in Brum.

We’re delighted to welcome Sinead Latham aka @cheekimummy to Coffee Brum. Sinead has been on a search for the most child friendly coffee shops in Brum and amongst the few she really likes, Boo Boo Coffee has struck a real chord with her. Here’s why…..


When I was on maternity leave I quickly discovered that some of my favourite places for a coffee just weren’t built for pushchairs and small people. I was quite worried I’d be destined to see out the next few months in chain store purgatory.


Fear not! Thanks to the wonderful independent Birmingham I discovered Boo Boo Coffee in Harborne (along with a few more). I had been saved.



Boo Boo is a family run business that do coffee and kids to perfection. Even in a small space they have set up a play corner where kids are encouraged to draw on the walls in chalk and play and build all within view of the parents.






Like I said it’s a small space so you can comfortably sit at your table and use the free wifi to keep up to date with the world while they play (or if needed to stop a MiniMeltdown; parent via YouTube).


I often treat the MiniMonkey to a milkshake or smoothie which are the perfect size for kids so he is having his treat without me having to share cake (which are plentiful to choose from).


Now. Coffee.



I’m fickle with my drinks so will switch between a latte to a v60 with all variations of milk and sugar (or none at all) depending on the day I’ve had. On my last visit I had a wonderful latte with a Guatemalan guest bean and it was everything I want from a Latin American coffee. Smooth, coca hints and perfect in a wonderfully creamy latte.




Food is a varied offering of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all made in house with fresh and local ingredients. I would usually pop some pictures in to show you but I may have been too busy eating before the MiniMonkey tried to steal my sandwich (next time I promise).



Please don’t think Boo Boo is just for parents and kids. The place is visited by a varied customer base and they hold evening events such as their Live Lounge and Boo-ritto where they have hard drinks and food on offer, so a great alternative night out.



Our city is full of wonderful gems like Boo Boo and I’m on a mission to find them all and shout as loud as I can about them.



We’re really keen to get to your thoughts on child friendly coffee shops. Drop us a line on twitter @coffeebrum and share your recommendations! 



It’s the Olympics! All about coffee and sports performance



Whilst the Olympic Games in Rio are filling our screens with such exciting spectacle, why not fill your cups with glorious coffee? After all, and as we all know, coffee has many health benefits!

In this guest blog, we are delighted to welcome Matthews McGarry to talk about the numerous benefits that coffee can have on your sporting performance.



Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages on the globe, infused in the lifestyle of the majority of our adult population. And if you think that love is not enough, we have some good news for you. Both reputable scientists and prime sportsmen have spoken their mind and become strong advocates of coffee.


They are keen on consuming this potent drink, taking advantage of the health, performance and mental benefits it offers.


A familiar smell in the air


Our days would just not feel the same without the smell of hot morning coffee filling the air. It clears the cobwebs from our mind and supplies us with fuel to rise and shine. This is not a placebo effect, but the stimulating outcome of caffeine on the nervous system. Although coffee beans are just one of the sources of this substance, the bulk of its intake is the result of drinking coffee. What takes place in your body is the awakening of your adrenal glands, which leads to an increased release of adrenaline.



Furthermore, this brings about other shifts in more bodily processes. Heart-rate is boosted, muscles tighten up, and glucose enters the bloodstream. This does miracles for determination and the ability to nail workout sessions and start bouncing off the gym walls. Those who are don’t feel like going out and getting active might be persuaded to do otherwise. Namely, caffeine spurs the production of dopamine, the ultimate feel-good hormone.


With a bang


It is no wonder that coffee keeps you going through the day, even in situations where you would rather throw in the towel. This is the beatitude for athletes, who also take advantage of powerful sources of instant energy such as a double espresso. So, they are no strangers to going to the cafe before their gym exercise. Even better, evidence suggests that coffee has a direct influence on athletic performance by upgrading endurance.



This can be of great help during moderate-intensity physical activity, and low-frequency, repetitive workouts. There is no proof that caffeine induces a stronger muscle force, but studies have confirmed that the benefits can be reaped in many other disciplines. Elite distance runners and distance swimmers, for example, have reportedly experienced better results. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that the International Olympic Committee has issued a ban to disqualify participants who consume too much coffee.


We are the champions


Coffee might be the magic potion, but it should not be consumed in unlimited amounts. It is not without risks: higher levels of dopamine may induce a caffeine addiction, while the diuretic nature of caffeine may cause dehydration. Prolonged usage also means that the body needs ever more dosages for the maintenance of positive effects. Those who use supplements like creatine must be careful with coffee, as it could counteract the effects. Moreover, one should avoid added sugars and other substances that are doing the body no favors.



It becomes obvious that building healthy habits is a cornerstone of athletic and fitness performance. This is to say that apart from coffee, one must set up a proper nutritional plan, fit rest and relaxation into the schedule, and obtain the right sports equipment. Therefore, pay close attention to sleep patterns and the time you drink coffee at. As for apparel, one can find a wide assortment of bodybuilding clothing via online retails or local stores. As you have everything you need at your fingertips, there is no excuse to forgo healthy lifestyle with coffee as its champion.


Sip on coffee


Ingested in moderation, coffee is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and many studies have documented the blessings that can be bestowed upon anyone seeking to step up their athletic game.



The caffeine buzz makes you ready to face the day and overcome any challenges it throws at you. Thus, its psychological and physiological benefits are favourite tools for many athletes, and they come on top of performance-enhancing effects. Do not hesitate to take a sip before you break a sweat, and visit a cafe as a part of your pre-workout warm-up.


Let us know what do you think and what insights you’d like to share on twitter @coffeebrum and @mathews_mcgarry.