Guest blog: What does your favourite cup of Joe say about you?


I’m delighted to welcome coffee lover Nikki Radvanyi to Coffee Birmingham, who asks “what does your favourite cup of Joe say about you?”. Let’s find out shall we!


The UK has gone coffee-ga-ga!  According to Real Coffee’s coffee encyclopaedia, we spent £730 million on coffee last year! Coffee is now seen as an affordable essential rather than an unnecessary luxury and we are prepared to pay the best part of £5 for a good cup of Joe.  But what does your choice of coffee say about you?  A recent study revealed the choice of coffee you order from the barista may say more about you than you think it does*.

joeThe Americano
You are old school, a bit of a purist and like things simple.  You can be quiet and sometimes moody.  You don’t like change and your friends and family would describe you as a ‘no non-sense’ kind of person. Nothing wrong with traditional and simple, right?

joeDecaf, half-fat, soya, no foam
You admit to being obsessive about what you eat and drink and probably get quite upset if the coffee shop does not have the ingredients you prefer.  You are a perfectionist and very aware of your own health.  You can be over-sensitive, especially when the queue is tutting behind you and are likely to worry, but hey, if it worked for Meg Ryan in You Got Mail!!!!!

You are a comfort seeker and love the feeling that lots of milk and cream give you; a hug in a mug! You like to soften the bitterness of life and often chose drinks and food that make you feel better.  You are generous with your time and like to help others, but sometimes at the expense of yourself. “Hey, add a dollop of cream and don’t forget the sprinkles!”

You are a trendsetter.  You love to try the latest thing.  You are spontaneous, imaginative, however, you can be reckless and you don’t always make healthy choices.  You love the feeling of brain freeze that a Frappuccino gives you! Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold!

joeInstant coffee
You tend to procrastinate because you are so laid back. You are happy to take life as it comes and are not keen on planning. Chill!

joeMocha with a shot of hazelnut syrup (anything sweet)
You are an overgrown kid, young at heart, with taste buds & sensibilities of a child. You love the sentimentality attached to hot sweet drinks and can’t wait for the seasonal  variations like gingerbread and crème brulee to appear on the café menu!

Don’t take this toooooooo seriously.  As Dr Durvasula adds, “we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are by our astrological signs”.  Enjoy what you drink, try a variety – I know I do – just make it good quality coffee.  It makes all the difference!

*Source: Dr. Ramani Durvasula recently conducted an observational study of 1,000 coffee drinkers


About Nikki
Nikki Radvanyi set up Nikki Radvanyi Business and Marketing Support in September 2014. Apart from being a real coffee lover, mocha is her favourite, Nikki supports businesses in the West Midlands by providing a bespoke P.A, V.A and marketing support service.  Nikki says, “I love what I do.  I am very lucky to work with some great businesses, from micro businesses and former CEOs to companies in the FTSE 250, most of whom realise they can’t do everything themselves and need to delegate to an experienced P.A and marketer, who will concentrate on the areas they no longer have time for or lack the expertise in”.

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