#Independentsday: What do Independents mean to you?

As part of the launch of the Declaration of Independents, we asked people what independents meant to them as part of a competition only in our coffee shop locations (Six Eight Kafe, Urban Coffee Company and Saint Caffe) on the day.

This is a selection of what people said:

  • “Preservation of local business and upholding local jobs and crafts. Genuine friendliness”
  • “#Real”
  • “Fresh cake. Good, independent ideas!”
  • “Independents mean originality, passion, a friendly atmosphere and most of all quality”
  • “Good coffee, different blends, friendly, homely and good cakes!”
  • “A delightful place to meet. A brilliant place to be.”
  • “Knowledge, understanding, passion and customer service that comes from enjoying what you do. Being treated like a person not just a customer.”
  • “It’s about standing on your own two feet, setting out your own rules and sticking to them, no matter what anybody says!”
  • “friends, food and excellent drinks.”
  • “Local businesses in which a focus is on quality and passion for the products which are being sold.”
  • “People who ask me how my holiday was….”
  • “Individual flavour and great taste – creative and originally – that others try to copy. Good company :)”
  • “Supporting independent shops and cafes means keeping the diversity of towns and cities alive. I love trying new independent places.”
  • “I want character, not homogenised Star-Costa-Nero’s. I want to know where my coffee comes from. I want to taste the coffee!”
  • “A much more personal, quality service”
  • “I don’t want the faux familiarity of my name on a cup. I want to chat to my barista Joe as his coffee wakes me up. Plus it Tootes Bangin!”
  • “Freedom of choice. Not being guided one way or another.”
  • “Quality. Relaxation. Good company.”
  • “…. Tasty, surprising and responsive. Places to be.”
  • “Good coffee, personal service, a small and not a  big corporate.”
  • “Freedom of choice and personal service with a smile.”
  • “#Braveheart”
  • “Choice and community for me, and profits staying local, too!”
  • “Freedom of choice and a more interesting and lively environment.”
  • “Variety, choice and freedom.”
  • “It is important to support your independents: they give the best customer service and always value you as an individual, which is a rare trait these days.”
  • “Local people being free to operate in a big city as freely as the industry giants.”
  • “The little man doing his thing and being supported by the community.”
  • “Staff who care.”
  • “Empowering people to make sound decisions as a consumer, providing meaningful environment.”
  • “It means that you owe no one anything. Look after yourself. Pay your own way.”
  • “I love independents because their smiles and happiness comses from a love of their products and great service rather than a staff training manual.”

This is a selection of the responses from those who signed up to the Declaration online:

  • “Quality coffee served by quality people. Friendship and a home away from home.”
  • “Good coffee in a non-identikit environment”
  • “Great service and quality that the chains can’t match.”
  • “Better quality and personal touches”
  • “Coffee as it should be!”
  • “Passion, knowledge, quality”

Thanks to those of you who contributed. Stay tuned as we announce the winner of our competition imminently.

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