Declaration of Independents

Coffee Birmingham invites you to support us in our aim to distinguish and unite Birmingham’s indie scene, putting them in the public eye to showcase their excellence and quality, and bringing people together from all backgrounds and neighbourhoods – especially those who ordinarily haven’t had the chance to enjoy the quality of Birmingham’s independents.

The Declaration has the following aims:

  1. Community: to raise the profile of Birmingham’s independents, we encourage you, your friends and your family to be part of the independent movement and community that exists in the city;
  2. Quality: to invite people to Birmingham and promote it as the place to be for local, quality independent produce and showcase its international reputation for indie coffee and indie culture;
  3. Awareness: to educate members of the public in the quality of work that indies do and build their understanding of the local food and drink scene;
  4. Growth: to spread the word and help connect independent businesses to new consumers;
  5. Profile: to demonstrate the quality and skills of independents by continuing to buy their produce and make a noise about it online.

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